Contemplative Knitting Ravelry Group

Contemplative Knitting is a way to create a sustainable daily contemplative prayer practice. Join the Lenten KAL to begin your practice.

Contemplative Knitting is a window into deepening our spiritual lives by combining knitting with contemplative prayer. This group was formed to support knitters that would like to develop a daily sustainable prayer practice.

Lent is a perfect time to begin a new spiritual practice. Join us in the Lenten Knit Along by committing to knit every day for 40 days. Stay motivated by reading the daily knitting/prayer reflections on the Contemplative Knitting blog. There are so many ways knitting is a metaphor for our spiritual lives.

There will be a post every day on the blog during Lent except for Sundays. There are blog posts on the blog right now to help you plan for the Lenten Knit Along. If you aren’t sure what to make, there are ideas for an infinity scarf. Knit an inch a day for forty days.

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