7 thoughts on “Sunday – Lent 1

  1. I will do some Lenten reading. Do you have suggestions for a book in addition to the Bible? I like Celebration of Discipline, but I think something different this year.


  2. As is usual now, we took part in our online church, later we listened to the excellent Jesuit’Pray as you Go’, ate loads and finally had lovely mulled wine. Of course lots of knitting happened too!


  3. Participating in our online church service, (we miss you, Julie!). Thinking and praying about some relationships I have neglected and then calling a friend and my mom who is in a nearby nursing home. Visiting her has not been permitted during much of the pandemic.


  4. Watched church online, some good family time (daughter visited, son phone called). Otherwise catching up on household chores & laundry as the week ended surprisingly busy. Fresh start on Monday!


  5. I was driving to Sault St Marie:) It took 7.5 hours but a lovely drive and had some very special time listening to hymns sung by Amy Grant and another Praise CD. I am so thankful for journey mercies and knowing that I was being prayed for. God is good!


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