The Magic of the #2 Pencil – A Tribute to Lee Burgess

I don’t remember meeting Lee. I’ve just known him for so many years and had so many experiences with him that it seems like he has always been part of my life. Lee and his wife Barb were the kinds of people that made you feel like family. They each had the same rare gift.Continue reading “The Magic of the #2 Pencil – A Tribute to Lee Burgess”

Rhinebeck – NY Sheep and Wool Festival – A Fantastic Fiber Extravaganza!

Joy permeated the autumn air at Rhinebeck this year. Everyone was in a festive mood moving about the Duchess Fairgrounds in their most beautiful knitted and crocheted garments. Saturday was a massive river of knitters. The line in the book area extended past my table that I shared with Margaret Huber who has authored overContinue reading “Rhinebeck – NY Sheep and Wool Festival – A Fantastic Fiber Extravaganza!”

Why It’s Important To Make Mistakes

We know that we will make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. But I don’t want to make mistakes and that desire to avoid mistakes can be paralyzing. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist. I’m okay if I stumble into a mistake but my problem is spending too much time figuring out how to avoid mistakes toContinue reading “Why It’s Important To Make Mistakes”