The Horror of Blocking

I am now one of over 8000 knitters that have made the Ranunculus Sweater. I thought it would be a great layering piece not only over this long white blouse but maybe over a blue or black summer dress to protect sunburned shoulders from the evening breeze. I took this picture before I blocked theContinue reading “The Horror of Blocking”

Confessions of a Bag Lady

I love bags. I also like starting knitting projects. Casting on something new is always a thrill and I go hard at it. Then I hit a point in the pattern that causes me to have to try something new or takes more concentration than I have in the moment and the project joins myContinue reading “Confessions of a Bag Lady”

Tearing out the Ranunculus Sweater

There is that moment when the voice in your head lets you know that something is wrong. If you ignore it, the voice gets louder and more incredulous. Why are you continuing to knit when you know the stitches aren’t adding up? I don’t know, I thought I could fix it. This sweater as ofContinue reading “Tearing out the Ranunculus Sweater”

The Importance of Finished Objects

I’m a sweater knitter. Very occasionally, I’ll knit a hat or a mitten or a fingerless glove but I mainly knit complex sweaters. I’m convinced this is why I have many works in progress (WIPs). I get to a section that is difficult and I tend to put the project in time out and moveContinue reading “The Importance of Finished Objects”

Contemplative Knitting Class

Contemplative Knitting Julie Cicora, author of “Contemplative Knitting” will help you transform an already calming and meditative activity into a spiritual practice. Whether you are an experienced knitter or are a beginner, this prayer practice will help you develop a “close-knit” relationship with God. Learn how your knitting experience can inform your spiritual life. ThereContinue reading “Contemplative Knitting Class”

Happy Easter!

Thank you for reading and praying! Thank you for journeying through Lent with Contemplative Knitting. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming events and more posts. As an Easter Gift, I have written the pattern for the shawl. It has not been tested by anyone so knit at your own risk and if my directionsContinue reading “Happy Easter!”