Singing is Praying Twice

I have a chapter in the book Contemplative Knitting entitled “Knitting with Music.” It talks about the power of music to take us to a sacred place. I love music and it has always been my way to God. I got my call to the ordained ministry while I was singing in the choir. It never occurred to me, someone who loves to sing, that I could be knitting and singing during my prayer time!

I was on a zoom call with some knitters in Canada talking about their experience of knitting and praying through Lent. One of the women, Lynn Meredith, said she had been singing Christmas carols as she knit on her blanket. The singing had focused her mind and kept away the random thoughts that we all struggle with during prayer time.

How wonderful to focus on Christmas carols especially at a different season of the year. Singing the old familiar hymns while praying and knitting lets our hearts feel the joy of “God with us.” Contemplating the Christmas miracle without all of the stressors of the Christmas season is transforming. We knit and we ponder the amazing fact that God came to live among us, walked the earth spreading love to those who had been rejected and changed the world forever.

Now we have the gift of the Holy Spirit, that holy wind of love that energizes us as we pray. It’s that overwhelming feeling of love, peace, and comfort that we feel when we sing Silent Night.

The calmness of our stitching with the familiar hymns can lead us into a deeper appreciation of the love that is available to us now. God be with you!

6 rows of Stockinette and 2 pattern rows of pattern # 26

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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