Waiting for Spring

I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. After spending March in the south and being exposed to azaleas in full bloom, trees with blossoms and green leaves, we are back to the dormant grass and naked tree limbs. The earth is in that predawn moment between deep sleep and wakefulness. Some hopeful signs of a crocus peeking out and a sprout of green.

The starkness of Lent is like the brown landscape, the lack of vegetation, the appearance of death but underneath there is growth.

There are seeds that are germinating and reaching through the dirt to the warmth of the sun.

If the conditions are right, they will bloom, produce fruit, and be harvested.

What seeds are germinated for us this lent? What conditions do we need to provide ourselves to aid in their growth? What fruit are we being called to produce? What will we offer at harvest time?

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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