Final Checklist for Lenten KAL

Just a few days to go. Gather your supplies, make your plan and subscribe to the blog. Every day during Lent, you will find a post about the spirituality of knitting here. Prayers ascending for all of you! See you again on Ash Wednesday!

Check List for Lenten KAL

  1. I have identified a time for my contemplative knitting practice
  2. I have found a place where I can knit and pray in peace.
  3. I have picked the yarn and needles.
  4. I have figured out my gauge and what I am going to make.
  5. I have made a commitment to Knit and pray for _______ minutes per day or _______ inches per day or ________ rows per day. (pick one that works for you.)
  6. I have written down my motivation for wanting to start a contemplative knitting practice.
  7. I have a plan for how to sustain my practice when it becomes challenging.

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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