Confessions of a Bag Lady

I love bags. I also like starting knitting projects. Casting on something new is always a thrill and I go hard at it. Then I hit a point in the pattern that causes me to have to try something new or takes more concentration than I have in the moment and the project joins myContinue reading “Confessions of a Bag Lady”

The Importance of Finished Objects

I’m a sweater knitter. Very occasionally, I’ll knit a hat or a mitten or a fingerless glove but I mainly knit complex sweaters. I’m convinced this is why I have many works in progress (WIPs). I get to a section that is difficult and I tend to put the project in time out and moveContinue reading “The Importance of Finished Objects”

Contemplative Knitting Class

Contemplative Knitting Julie Cicora, author of “Contemplative Knitting” will help you transform an already calming and meditative activity into a spiritual practice. Whether you are an experienced knitter or are a beginner, this prayer practice will help you develop a “close-knit” relationship with God. Learn how your knitting experience can inform your spiritual life. ThereContinue reading “Contemplative Knitting Class”

Happy Easter!

Thank you for reading and praying! Thank you for journeying through Lent with Contemplative Knitting. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming events and more posts. As an Easter Gift, I have written the pattern for the shawl. It has not been tested by anyone so knit at your own risk and if my directionsContinue reading “Happy Easter!”

Buying Yarn for a Friend

I love getting yarn as a gift. It seems to hold a special energy, a yet to be discerned potential that is almost limitless. What will it be? It’s up to me, the knitter to determine. Although yarn can be made into many things, I have discovered that some yarn is better suited to someContinue reading “Buying Yarn for a Friend”

Sacred Stitches

By Mark Brummitt, Phd. “So great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1). There’s a lot more to knitting than meets the eye, you know.  Picture this: June 1990. Manchester, England, England.  I’d be 23, I guess. Wait. 23, I know. I’ve just finished my first year in seminary in London and I’ve been sent onContinue reading “Sacred Stitches”

“Pick yourself up… ‘n’start over again.”

by Mark Brummitt, Phd “Rich wounds yet visible above in beauty glorified” (Bridges and Thring). I can be ruthless. “Don’t knit if you don’t like ripping out,” I’ve been known to tell people—typically other knitters who watch in horror as I rip out a whole sleeve. “Ripping is knitting,” I say.   Ruthless. I’ll rip rightContinue reading ““Pick yourself up… ‘n’start over again.””

Mindless Repetition – the good and the bad

     I always like to have something simple on the needles.  I call it my TV knitting. It’s usually a sweater body or sleeves where all I have to do is knit every stitch.  It’s mindless repetition.      Mindless repetition can get boring even with TV providing entertainment.  My thoughts take over and start needlingContinue reading “Mindless Repetition – the good and the bad”

True Confessions by Brother Aidan

Confession time. I’m the Knitting Monk, and I’m writing Lenten reflections on contemplation and knitting. I also haven’t touched my crafting of any kind, knitting included, since the pandemic began. Oh, I stitched a few lines on a quilt, but that doesn’t count. I tell you this, not for absolution, but because I have foundContinue reading “True Confessions by Brother Aidan”