Why Scrubby? by Rev. Karulynn Koeliker

I’ve been drawn to most fiber related endeavors, where some form of “needle” is critical, since I was 6 years old. (That was many decades ago).  I have developed a very experienced sense of touch.  The better it feels the more expensive it is likely to be.  I enjoy working with fibers that feel good and that special sense of “touch” is satisfied. This Lent I have chosen to work with a rough textured, corse feeling yarn called “scrubby”  and to use colors that challenge me.  You might ask why?

I asked myself, am I seeing with eyes on my heart?  How do I ruminate on such an unknown?  Choosing a fiber that feels rough will hopefully keep me focused on the roughness in me that needs cleaning.  “Scrubby” is made from polyester so it is not very absorbent, doesn’t hold onto dirt, grime or odors, is forgiving, and is not “bleached” or “faded” by constant use.  The roughness is good at removing the dirt and grime.  I’m hoping that these 40 days of focusing on what needs to be “scrubbed” away will become evident. 

I’m beginning the third week and can say that I have not had an epiphany.  I am cognizant of small changes that are occurring all around me – the song of a bird in the early morning where fog is heavy, the subtle change in the still bare trees as they get ready to bloom, the warmth of the sun when sitting with the sun on my back and knitting.  I know that spring is around the corner and that many do not have the luxury of knitting in the sun or hearing the first spring bird sing. For these blessings I am thankful.

I was cleansed through the waters of baptism. Am I living into this special grace with the eyes of my heart in focus?   I will keep searching for the new lens while I continue making “scrubbies”.  I pray that I can put to rest any “soil” that needs attention – laying down any burden. This year of the pandemic has created new angst and change for all, giving us new opportunities to grow in unique ways.  How can I be of more help to all struggling?  Will project “scrubby” provide the needed answer?

BIO The Rev. Karulynn Koelliker

I am a Deacon in the Episcopal Church serving at Emmanuel Greenwood in the Diocese of Virginia.  I have been ordained for 9 years.  I lived most of my adult life along the coast of Georgia.  I returned to my roots in Virginia 3 years ago.  All is new and in many ways exciting while being challenging.  My needlework journey had provided many opportunities to grow and create, vestments and paraments for churches where I worshipped, my own stoles that are quilted and appliquéd, and making many prayer shawls to name a few.  The meanings or feelings associated with colors cross mediums and add special significance to the things that I create.  Doing what I love and doing it with prayer adds a wonderful dimension to the finished offering. 

Pattern rows 11-18 of Pattern #56 Japanese Stitch Bible.

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I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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