Rhinebeck 2021

The Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY provides a bountiful supply of every kind of yarn you can imagine. It is overwhelming with booth upon booth of soft squishy yarn in a rainbow of colors. It takes me the first day of the festival just to get oriented before I can begin to sort out what kind of yarn I want to buy. This year I went in with a plan because I was already worried about my yarn stash exceeding my life expectancy. I bought one sweater quantity of yarn.

To say that there is a bountiful supply of beautiful yarn in the world is an understatement. I have an abundant quantity myself. It certainly meets the first definition of the word bountiful – large quantity. This is where the second definition of bountiful is helpful – giving generously. I have through the years, gone through my yarn stash and culled out some yarn that I will never use. This is not cheap or bad yarn, it’s beautiful, expensive, and in demand. I did this just recently and brought it over to “Sew Green” my favorite store. They take donations and sell the donations at a fraction of the original price which makes expensive yarn more accessible to all knitters. I have brought my share of yarn from them as well. They are my exclusive source for knitting needles. Needles are expensive and they have almost every size available for a few dollars.

Bountiful begets bountiful. Sharing the bounty is what it’s all about and I’m so happy we have a place in Rochester that allows my bountiful stash to become a bountiful gift.

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

One thought on “Bountiful

  1. Another spot that takes donations and resells at large discounts is Craft Bits and Pieces in Fairport. Their profits support the Senior Options for Independence (SOFI)program at the Fairport Baptist Home.


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