Letting Go

My grandmother used to knit me sweaters and make me clothes.  As I recall, I didn’t like the clothes she sewed.  She was an excellent seamstress, but the clothes tended to be frumpy.  I remember a brown corduroy jumper (a dress with no sleeves that required a blouse underneath) and an orange floral blouse.  SheContinue reading “Letting Go”

Why am I Dropping Stitches?

Every knitter has experienced the feeling of angst when they discover a dropped stitch.  It’s even worse when you have been knitting for years.  Beginners are expected to drop stitches and it’s a wonderful teaching moment when you can teach a new knitter how to “ladder up” the dropped stitch and fix the mistake.  ButContinue reading “Why am I Dropping Stitches?”

Knitting in the Dark – Rev. Georgia Carney

I will knit pretty much anywhere at any time. I have projects suitable for many different knitting environments from meetings-mostly Zoom meetings these days, waiting for appointments, family gatherings, and quiet time at home. I save my lace, cable, and colorwork projects for quiet focused time under my Ott light. Truth be told, I haveContinue reading “Knitting in the Dark – Rev. Georgia Carney”

Holy Moment

How many times have you been happily knitting, stopped to admire your work, and to your absolute horror, discover a mistake a few inches down?  Now the knitter has a decision – to frog or not to frog – that is the question.  There are some obvious times when frogging is necessary. If we mistakenlyContinue reading “Holy Moment”

Spiritual Guides

How do you decide what you’re going to make next?  Years ago, knitting patterns were available in magazines, books, or pamphlets found at the local yarn store.  I can remember spending hours looking through multiple three ring binders for a pattern that I liked. It was not an enjoyable experience.  Most stores had multiple pagesContinue reading “Spiritual Guides”

Making All Things New

     I’ve been knitting a lot during the Pandemic.  Aside from my sacred knitting, I like to create garments and I enjoy the calming effects.  My husband and I spent five months of 2020 in a 29-foot RV.  It’s a long story.        One morning, I came back to the RV from walking the dogContinue reading “Making All Things New”

Short Rows

I take my grandson to karate so I can sit and knit without guilt.  There is nothing else to do, no dishes, no dusting, and no laundry.  It’s an hour of uninterrupted knitting.  As I was packing up my knitting bag, my grandson asked me what I was knitting.  A sweater, I replied.  Is itContinue reading “Short Rows”