For a long time, I followed knitting patterns exactly as they were written. If I discovered that I had one less stitch or one additional stitch, I went into a panic and ripped out until I found my mistake. Knitting patterns caused me to be a perfectionist. Eventually, I learned that one stitch here or there didn’t really make a huge difference. I love Stephen West’s attitude about extra stitches. Don’t stress, just add one or knit two together. You’ll get there.

Knitting patterns are a path, a way to create a beautiful design but within each pattern, there are numerous choices. Pattern modifications are necessary to achieve a good fit, to create the design we want, the color that looks good next to our skin, or the neckline that compliments our style.

Life is a path with a plethora of choices. Each day we make choices that move us through life. Advent is an excellent time to reflect on where we are on our life path. Do we want to make different choices? What are our priorities? Are we living into what is most important in our lives? What do we want to keep the same and what do we want to change?

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

2 thoughts on “Path

  1. Thanks for today’s blog, Julie. I spoke to both on knitting (I’ll stop worrying about that extra stitch!!!) and my path forward on my journey today.


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