Body in Motion

The beauty of motion

A body in motion stays in motion and we are meant to move. Walking or running can put us in a state where our internal censors are lowered and our true thoughts can bubble up to the surface. I think it’s because the oxygen from the blood is needed in our muscles and the brain can’t push down the thoughts we may be attempting to ignore. I have absolutely zero scientific evidence for this but I have experienced thoughts coming up when I’m out walking or running.

My dad died in May and it wasn’t until I was running through the woods in the fall that the grief finally came out. I had started to train again for a 10K. It was October, the leaves were breath taking and I was reveling in the fall air when my grief hit me like a ton of bricks.

Whenever I get stuck in a creative process like writing a sermon or thinking of something to write for a lenten meditation, I go for a run or a walk and some idea springs forth.

Our bodies were made to move. A doctor told me this. She said we were meant to be moving all the time because we come from hunters and gatherers. We had to move to collect our food.

I had gone to the doctor because I had bunions on my feet and they were making it hard to walk without pain. The doctor was my age and a runner. She gave some good advice. All of us will experience some kind of pain as we age. All we can do is manage the pain.

I was fortunate. It only took some corrective foot inserts to manage my pain.

The doctor also said, don’t stop moving. It’s hard to move again once you stop. A body at rest remains at rest. Although rest is important, we need to move. Movement helps us process, reflect, and allows what may be buried underneath to bubble up. Only then can it be healed.

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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