“Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both”. Eleanor Roosevelt Justice is about listening and working to understand the needs and desires of others. It’s about communicating our needs and desires and then working toward common a goal. This cannot happen if we are not willing to have a real conversationContinue reading “Justice”


For a long time, I followed knitting patterns exactly as they were written. If I discovered that I had one less stitch or one additional stitch, I went into a panic and ripped out until I found my mistake. Knitting patterns caused me to be a perfectionist. Eventually, I learned that one stitch here orContinue reading “Path”


Some knitters are really into sheep. They know the difference between the breeds of sheep and they are horrified when you mix up Hampshire sheep with Suffolk Sheep. Everyone knows Suffolk Sheep don’t have good wool for yarn but Hampshire sheep do. Or do they? When I buy yarn, I look at the ball bandContinue reading “Soul”


I bought some Lopi yarn in Iceland. The shop owner seemed reluctant to sell it to me and kept saying it was not for the faint of heart. The yarn came in plates and looked like roving. It was not twisted or spun just fibers that had been pulled into long strands. The shop ownerContinue reading “Strength”


When I make a promise to another person, I do my best to keep it. When I make a promise to myself, I tend to default. I’ve learned this about myself through the years and as a way to compensate I ask other people to help me keep my promises. I made one of theseContinue reading “Promise”