Finding the Joy in Living

I’ve seen several news pieces on the Grammy winner John Batiste. I don’t know his music but I found the interviews with him compelling. His wife, Suleika Jaouad is suffering from cancer. She was diagnosed in 2011 and given a 35% chance of survival. She did survive and wrote a best-selling memoir entitled “Between TwoContinue reading “Finding the Joy in Living”

We need a Rainbow

No matter how old I get, there is still something magical and thrilling about the appearance of a rainbow. As a student of the Bible, I know that it represents the covenant that God has with us and all future generations and God’s power and glory. I cling to this belief in God’s power. TheContinue reading “We need a Rainbow”

My Great Grandmother’s Quilt

My great-grandmother made this quilt. She would have been my grandchildren’s great great great grandmother. I remember her, she died when I was eight years old. I’m sixty-four now. The quilt is obviously old, there are holes in it and ragged edges but to me, it is a piece of history. The quilt pictured wasContinue reading “My Great Grandmother’s Quilt”

Staying Warm

I will never take being warm for granted. In 2015, I spent four weeks in Chile studying Spanish and living with a Chilean family. Although it was a modern apartment building, there was no heat. I was there in June which was the beginning of their late fall/early winter. The cold was a surprise everyContinue reading “Staying Warm”

Not Belonging

What is my biggest fear besides death and taxes? Not belonging. I heard a sermon once on the importance of community. The priest started talking about how he had been ostracized by his family and friends because he was different. He talked about the pain of trying to understand why he was different. Hadn’t GodContinue reading “Not Belonging”

What do we fear?

I saw this doe early one evening last summer. She seemed surprised to see me walking in her field. We both stared at each other, her big brown eyes giving me the once over. She decided I wasn’t a threat and kept eating grass occasionally glancing up at me to see what I was doing.Continue reading “What do we fear?”

How are you, okay?

When people ask you how you are doing, you can always tell what answer they want to hear. If they say, “how are you, okay?” Then just tell them yes, you are doing okay. Your clue is at the end of their sentence. They are prompting you with the right answer. If someone says simply,Continue reading “How are you, okay?”

Body in Motion

A body in motion stays in motion and we are meant to move. Walking or running can put us in a state where our internal censors are lowered and our true thoughts can bubble up to the surface. I think it’s because the oxygen from the blood is needed in our muscles and the brainContinue reading “Body in Motion”


We’ve been traveling around in an RV and every town we have visited in the past three weeks has a Publix Grocery Store. When I’m shopping I have to stop and think about where I am because all of the stores are laid out the same. I’ve commented about this to several Cashiers and theyContinue reading “Publix”

Using our Gifts

A friend of mine is using her knitting gift to make Ukrainian flags that people can wear as pins. Symbols are incredibly important because they keep our level of awareness high. We all know what the pink ribbon symbolizes. We see it and we think about breast cancer, we think about those we know whoContinue reading “Using our Gifts”