When Struggle Becomes…..Gratitude by Rev. Georgia Carney

A package arrived in the mail from a close friend maybe a year ago, though it may be more like 2 years, and I was excited to open it. There was a card in it and some goodies and under all of that was a yellow bag with something soft in it. Hmmmm….whatever could itContinue reading “When Struggle Becomes…..Gratitude by Rev. Georgia Carney”

Time – The Most Precious Gift by Rev. Karulynn Koelliker

We do not know how much time we have.  It is a precious commodity and a most generous gift when we choose to “give it away”.  This realization struck me about 20 years ago.  Each year we are asked to ponder our resources and give sacrificially.  Instead of dollars what I was able to giveContinue reading “Time – The Most Precious Gift by Rev. Karulynn Koelliker”

Rascally Rabbits by Rev. Patti Blaine

Rascally Rabbits I struggle with contemplative practices. I am fairly good at being silent, being still, being solitary. I am an extreme introvert, after all. My thoughts, though. They scurry and rabbit around like, well, rabbits. One thought can produce ten more, and off I go, sitting silent, still, solitary, but planning the next day’sContinue reading “Rascally Rabbits by Rev. Patti Blaine”

Why Do We Make Things? By Br. Aidan

Why do we make things? What have we lost with our increasing isolation from the physical world and the skills that have allowed us to flourish within that world? How do we reconnect with our bodies, the earth, and one another? How does the act of making things change us, help us grow, heal us?Continue reading “Why Do We Make Things? By Br. Aidan”

Letting Go

My grandmother used to knit me sweaters and make me clothes.  As I recall, I didn’t like the clothes she sewed.  She was an excellent seamstress, but the clothes tended to be frumpy.  I remember a brown corduroy jumper (a dress with no sleeves that required a blouse underneath) and an orange floral blouse.  SheContinue reading “Letting Go”

Why am I Dropping Stitches?

Every knitter has experienced the feeling of angst when they discover a dropped stitch.  It’s even worse when you have been knitting for years.  Beginners are expected to drop stitches and it’s a wonderful teaching moment when you can teach a new knitter how to “ladder up” the dropped stitch and fix the mistake.  ButContinue reading “Why am I Dropping Stitches?”

Knitting in the Dark – Rev. Georgia Carney

I will knit pretty much anywhere at any time. I have projects suitable for many different knitting environments from meetings-mostly Zoom meetings these days, waiting for appointments, family gatherings, and quiet time at home. I save my lace, cable, and colorwork projects for quiet focused time under my Ott light. Truth be told, I haveContinue reading “Knitting in the Dark – Rev. Georgia Carney”

Short Rows

I take my grandson to karate so I can sit and knit without guilt.  There is nothing else to do, no dishes, no dusting, and no laundry.  It’s an hour of uninterrupted knitting.  As I was packing up my knitting bag, my grandson asked me what I was knitting.  A sweater, I replied.  Is itContinue reading “Short Rows”

How Will You Track Your progress?

What will you find out about yourself during the forty days of Lent this year?      A contemplative practice not only helps us connect with God; it helps us connect with ourselves.  Each time we commit to a practice we learn something.   The important part about learning is not to become judgmental or get frustrated.  Continue reading “How Will You Track Your progress?”