I bought some Lopi yarn in Iceland. The shop owner seemed reluctant to sell it to me and kept saying it was not for the faint of heart. The yarn came in plates and looked like roving. It was not twisted or spun just fibers that had been pulled into long strands. The shop ownerContinue reading “Strength”

Have I reached a stash acquisition beyond life expectancy?

I recently saw a social media post by a knitter who was on a six hour car ride and had finished her knitting project in the first hour. She posted a picture of herself staring out the car window with her hands in her lap. Her silent screams were palpable as she faced five hoursContinue reading “Have I reached a stash acquisition beyond life expectancy?”

The Horror of Blocking

I am now one of over 8000 knitters that have made the Ranunculus Sweater. I thought it would be a great layering piece not only over this long white blouse but maybe over a blue or black summer dress to protect sunburned shoulders from the evening breeze. I took this picture before I blocked theContinue reading “The Horror of Blocking”

Tearing out the Ranunculus Sweater

There is that moment when the voice in your head lets you know that something is wrong. If you ignore it, the voice gets louder and more incredulous. Why are you continuing to knit when you know the stitches aren’t adding up? I don’t know, I thought I could fix it. This sweater as ofContinue reading “Tearing out the Ranunculus Sweater”

Sacred Stitches

By Mark Brummitt, Phd. “So great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1). There’s a lot more to knitting than meets the eye, you know.  Picture this: June 1990. Manchester, England, England.  I’d be 23, I guess. Wait. 23, I know. I’ve just finished my first year in seminary in London and I’ve been sent onContinue reading “Sacred Stitches”

“Pick yourself up… ‘n’start over again.”

by Mark Brummitt, Phd “Rich wounds yet visible above in beauty glorified” (Bridges and Thring). I can be ruthless. “Don’t knit if you don’t like ripping out,” I’ve been known to tell people—typically other knitters who watch in horror as I rip out a whole sleeve. “Ripping is knitting,” I say.   Ruthless. I’ll rip rightContinue reading ““Pick yourself up… ‘n’start over again.””

Mindless Repetition – the good and the bad

     I always like to have something simple on the needles.  I call it my TV knitting. It’s usually a sweater body or sleeves where all I have to do is knit every stitch.  It’s mindless repetition.      Mindless repetition can get boring even with TV providing entertainment.  My thoughts take over and start needlingContinue reading “Mindless Repetition – the good and the bad”

Bonus Material: Scrubby Pattern, Zoom Class and Where to get the book. Scroll Down for the meditative post!

If you would like to go deeper, the book is out and available. It is full of stories similar to what you have read in the blog. If you would like a copy, you can buy it here. SCRUBBY PATTERN: ScrubbyCast on 27 stitches or the number that you need to make this as wideContinue reading “Bonus Material: Scrubby Pattern, Zoom Class and Where to get the book. Scroll Down for the meditative post!”