In the midst of the wrappings, the crumbs from the cinnamon buns, and the morse code beeping of incoming facetime calls, we pause and consider the child. A helpless infant, born in poverty to parents who have no place to stay in the middle of nowhere embodies the peace, love, joy, and hope of generations.Continue reading “Child”


St. Augustine said, “Singing is praying twice.” There is something about music that moves the soul. It goes beyond words just like pictures. A haunting melody in a minor chord may cause a melancholy mood and then moving on to a lively march can change the mood. Music is powerful. It touches our emotions inContinue reading “Sing”


Stephen and Penelope’s in Amersterdam stirs my creativity. Their use of yarn in different ways pokes at the imagination and the incredible choices they offer make anything seem possible. In 2Timothy 1:6 Paul tells Timothy to stir up his gift from the Holy Spirit. The Greek word invokes the idea of a bellows sparking embersContinue reading “Stir”


When I think of the feeling of exultation, I think of young children playing or choirs of angels singing. This feeling fills us completely leaving no room for stray thoughts or nagging anxiety. To exult, we need to be free of the burdens of everyday life even if it’s just for a moment. Christmas isContinue reading “Exult”


Some biblical translations of the Bible translate the Greek word “metanoia” into repent. Metanoia means a transformative change in one’s life, a turning back to God. When I think about repenting, I think about starting over, turning back, and resuming my spiritual practice. Of course, I think about the sins I committed and the regretContinue reading “Repent”


In the past, splendor made me think of the gilded age, the ostentatious houses erected by the Vanderbilts and Astors. I remember touring the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina in December. There were decorated Christmas trees in every room on the tour. Imagine a 250 room house gilded with gold leaf and other trimmings. SplendorContinue reading “Splendor”

Have I reached a stash acquisition beyond life expectancy?

I recently saw a social media post by a knitter who was on a six hour car ride and had finished her knitting project in the first hour. She posted a picture of herself staring out the car window with her hands in her lap. Her silent screams were palpable as she faced five hoursContinue reading “Have I reached a stash acquisition beyond life expectancy?”