Crafting, Collecting, and Questioning By Sr. Diana Doncaster

Crafting and “Collecting” This Lent Contemplative Knitting practice is a real gift, though I am beading rather than knitting. Beading has become my hands-on passion; something that no one looking at the many containers of beads in my small office could question. I remember thinking that I’d found a hobby which wouldn’t take much space.Continue reading “Crafting, Collecting, and Questioning By Sr. Diana Doncaster”

Short Rows

I take my grandson to karate so I can sit and knit without guilt.  There is nothing else to do, no dishes, no dusting, and no laundry.  It’s an hour of uninterrupted knitting.  As I was packing up my knitting bag, my grandson asked me what I was knitting.  A sweater, I replied.  Is itContinue reading “Short Rows”

Finding the Holes, by Br. Aidan

The moths got to my handknits this year. Every sweater had at least one hole in it. And not just my sweaters, but those I’ve given away, too. The holes were small enough that they were easy to miss. Sickened by spotting one of them, I went on a hole hunt. There were a dozenContinue reading “Finding the Holes, by Br. Aidan”

The Power of Language

I love the names of colorways.  I was perusing the Magpie Fiber website recently in hot pursuit of the yarn “London Rain” that Joji Locatelli used to make her Lightweight Hipster shawl and then I saw “Paris Train” and “Wood Smoke” and “Smoke on the Water.”  I noticed how the names of the yarn causedContinue reading “The Power of Language”

The Knitting Community

 I usually follow a pattern when I knit, and I like to use the exact yarn and color that the designer uses.  A number of years ago, I was looking at a sample garment (Carrick designed by Martin Storey) in a yarn store in Chicago.  It was made from a Rowen soft knit cotton inContinue reading “The Knitting Community”

Making Sense of Symbols

     I took a class in reading Japanese stitch patterns recently.  Once the teacher explained what the symbols meant on the chart, I realized that I knew how to do most of the techniques.  It was like lace knitting but some of the symbols were different.  The class was two hours the first day andContinue reading “Making Sense of Symbols”

Ash Wednesday: Knitting Through Lent

Ash Wednesday – Knitting Through Lent I’ve been obsessed with Scandinavian mittens lately.  At least this is what I called them until they started to differentiate themselves.  I love the designs.  I love how the palm side has a different pattern than the back of the hand.  When I saw a picture of the FiddleheadContinue reading “Ash Wednesday: Knitting Through Lent”

Final Checklist for Lenten KAL

Just a few days to go. Gather your supplies, make your plan and subscribe to the blog. Every day during Lent, you will find a post about the spirituality of knitting here. Prayers ascending for all of you! See you again on Ash Wednesday! Check List for Lenten KAL I have identified a time forContinue reading “Final Checklist for Lenten KAL”