I learned to knit using the English style (yarn held in the right hand and thrown around the needle). I taught myself the continental method (yarn held in the left hand and picked up by the right needle) because I heard that method was faster and it would give the muscles in my right hand a rest. I did not know this was all preparation for knitting colorwork with two hands!

I knit my color projects using two hands. The main color is in my right hand and the contrasting color is in my left hand. When I knit more than three stitches of the main color, I have to carry the pattern color along the work with me. These are called floats. I put the pattern color yarn between the needles and then knit the stitch normally with the main color and the pattern color is caught magically and carried along. (Search Youtube for “knitting colorwork with two hands”.)

As I carry along the white yarn, I am aware of how I feel carried by the love of God. Every few steps, I feel uplifted by prayer. God, the main color catches my attention and keeps me on the right path. This path is how we co-create a beautiful design on the “right side”.

If I drop my end of the connection (prayer) the float becomes too long and becomes in danger of catching on something and potentially fraying or worse yet being broken.

Uneven floats causes tension problems in the fabric. Uneven prayer causes tension is life.

Even floats helps create a beautiful pattern on the right side. It takes the relationship between the two colors to make the pattern.

It takes the relationship with ourselves and God to create the most beautiful pattern that life can be.

Knitters know consistency is what it is all about. It’s how we create the most beautiful five foot shawl and it’s how we create a life long relationship with God. Keep knitting and praying!

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

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