A wonderful friend came over a few days ago. We had connected in a bookbinding class and she was coming over to help me create a journal cover. I had forgotten some of the skills I had learned over two years ago. She arrived and unloaded two bins of fabric, buttons, thread, paper which she had already folded into “signatures”, paint, glue, ribbon, and a host of other supplies.

We spent a lovely afternoon creating and chatting. She shared her materials, she shared her artistic gifts, and she shared herself.

Sharing is powerful. Sharing creates community.

I’ve been horrified at the devastation caused by the tornados, especially in Kentucky. We are such vulnerable creatures and when the infrastructure is taken away, we see how vulnerable we really are. Recovery can only happen when resources are shared. It is good to see that people are showing up with food and water to help those who have lost everything.

My friend offered up all of her beautiful fabric and art supplies with such generosity of spirit.

Sometimes we may forget that nothing really belongs to us. We get to be stewards of what comes into our hands.

We can continue to ask ourselves each day, what do I have to give? What do I have to share?

Published by Julie Cicora

I'm an Episcopal Priest that loves using knitting as a spiritual discipline.

One thought on “Share

  1. Love you, Julie! Sharing is a part of love, a love of self, a love of another, a love of giving, and a love of receiving.


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