Normally, I have high expectations for my yarn. I buy yarn for projects rather than just. because it’s beautiful. I have the end result in mind. The yarn pictured above was bought for the 2021 Stephen West shawl Mystery Knit Along (Mkal). A Mkal is when a bunch of knitters sign up to get aContinue reading “Expectation”


When others express compassion, it gives us hope. Compassion means more than just having feelings of sympathy, it means there is a desire from the compassionate person to help. When we receive the help we have hope for something better. At church, we host five teenagers every summer to work in the gardens. They areContinue reading “Compassion”


Some biblical translations of the Bible translate the Greek word “metanoia” into repent. Metanoia means a transformative change in one’s life, a turning back to God. When I think about repenting, I think about starting over, turning back, and resuming my spiritual practice. Of course, I think about the sins I committed and the regretContinue reading “Repent”


In the past, splendor made me think of the gilded age, the ostentatious houses erected by the Vanderbilts and Astors. I remember touring the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina in December. There were decorated Christmas trees in every room on the tour. Imagine a 250 room house gilded with gold leaf and other trimmings. SplendorContinue reading “Splendor”


When I hear the word everlasting, I think about all the things I’m surrounded by that are temporal. As I look around, I realize that all my treasures will someday be gone. So what lasts? I have been taught and I believe that only one thing lasts – Love. After all, most of us haveContinue reading “Everlasting”


Praise is the motivator to keep us going when we are learning a new skill. It has to be authentic and specific. New knitters drop stitches, create uneven tension and a variety of mistakes as they try to manipulate the needles and yarn. This can result in frustration especially if they have picked a projectContinue reading “Praise”


“Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both”. Eleanor Roosevelt Justice is about listening and working to understand the needs and desires of others. It’s about communicating our needs and desires and then working toward common a goal. This cannot happen if we are not willing to have a real conversationContinue reading “Justice”


For a long time, I followed knitting patterns exactly as they were written. If I discovered that I had one less stitch or one additional stitch, I went into a panic and ripped out until I found my mistake. Knitting patterns caused me to be a perfectionist. Eventually, I learned that one stitch here orContinue reading “Path”